Herb of the Week: HAWTHORN

It is that time of year again: Summer. As we roll into June and upcoming summer solstice we start to notice the resurgence of the natural world around us. Flowers and trees are in full bloom, while some of the wildlife that we haven’t seen in a year are starting to come out. To celebrate this beautiful time of the year each week of the summer I am going to do a spotlight on a different plant and how this beautiful plant can benefit our health and support us as human beings. Plants are one of the ways that we can connect with the natural world around us. Whether through gardening, sitting with a plant or ingesting it as some kind of medicine there are many ways to feel the benefit of its energetic and healing properties. One of my favourite ways is through a tea. Each of the herbs highlighted over the summer can be used medicinally as a tea. It is always good to check in with a Naturopathic Doctor to ensure if a herb is the right one for you to be taking. For week one we are talking about Hawthorne, the quintessential heart herb <3.  Heart support is probably need for all of Canada right now after the suspenseful Raptors playoff run, which I can tell you took a lot out of my heart.

HAWTHORN: The heart opener to start the summer

Hawthorn is a warming herb that is used or all things heart related – this can be any ailment of the heart whether physical, emotional or spiritual. It is a heart tonic and trophorestorative improving the function of the heart and overall circulation. It can help regulate blood pressure and cholesterol. It also helps to calm the mind and the emotional health helping with anxiety and restlessness. It is a herb that can help to energetically support one through lack of self-love, grief, heartbreak, new relationship and much more. It will help to protect all aspects of our heart while leaving us open to give and receive love.

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