Herb of the Week: Licorice

the mid week boost  

Licorice is a very versatile plant. The root is used to make a tea. It is anti-inflammatory, phytoestrogenic, anti-viral, and an adaptogen/adrenal tonic. Hormonally it helps to modulate estrogen levels in the body so that they come back into balance. Most importantly it supports the adrenal glands, which help us respond better to stress. This can give us a much needed energy boost when our adrenal glands feel exhausted from the stress of the week. It helps support the production of our stress hormone (cortisol) and our sex hormones. For those with low blood pressure it can also help to regulate blood pressure by increasing it. It is also a great in combination with our herb from last week peony. Together they help to support many different female reproductive conditions from painful periods, to irregular periods, PCOS, hormonal imbalances and everything in between.

Because Licorice can help increase our energy when we are depleted it can also sometimes increase blood pressure. This can be great when we are run down and our blood pressure is dropping, however caution should be used when taking Licorice if you have high blood pressure.

While they are plants, herbs are still powerful medicine and it is always worth checking in with you naturopathic doctor or health care provider to see which herbs are most appropriate for your individual case.

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