Herb of the Week: NETTLE

the ultimate nourishment

Nettle is one of the most supportive and versatile herbs, especially as we move into the summer. It can help build us up when we are depleted and help to treat the symptoms associated with seasonal allergies. The late summer weather has made seasonal allergies particularly bad as all of the pollen and flowers are coming out at once, overloading our bodies with more allergens than usual.

Nettle is a nutritive for our bodies. Energetically it helps to bring us back into our bodies and protect us from outside stressors. It is nourishing for each system in our bodies because of this energetic quality as well as its high iron and nutrient content. It is also supportive of our hormones, our immune system, our urinary system and it is anti-inflammatory. It can help decrease excess testosterone calming symptoms of PMS. It also helps to modulate the immune system, stabilizing Mast cells that are involved in allergic reactions. This help to decrease the intensity of allergic reactions and seasonal allergies. Finally it can act as a diuretic helping to flush toxins out of the urinary system. It is very supportive for the kidneys. It is a great restorative herb for any day of the week and any time of the day.

What many of us don’t always notice how abundant nettle is in Ontario. This weekend while I was hiking, it was quite literally growing everywhere. It is probably in your garden or your neighbours. The fresh leaves can sometimes cause stinging – a red rash on the skin when touched and should be handled with caution – while the dried leaves are very safe to be touched and used as a potent medicine.

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