Herb of the Week: PEONY

the female tonic

Peonies are such a special plant. They bloom each spring and burst open with their giant blossoms and brilliant colours. Their blossoms are so big that their stalk can barely support them and you will often see the plants leaning over with the blossoms almost touching the ground if they are not supported by an external factor in some way. 

These giant blossoms can remind of us the way our minds and heads some times weight down the rest of our body. In this way it makes sense that peony is so supportive for our nervous system. In medicine we use the root of the plant. It tends to have a calming and mood balancing effects. It is also considered an adaptogen helping to support us in times of stress. It has a special affinity for women helping to build up their blood and Qi in Chinese medicine that can often get depleted leaving them exhausted and overwhelmed. It helps to calm down the mind and the body. This can help with physical pain including cramps and menstrual cramps from this soothing and relaxing impact of the plant on the body.  Peonies are both anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic for us. It can also help decrease congestion in the body especially pelvic congestion. This makes it extremely beneficial for many female reproductive conditions.

The last few weeks have been peony central out on the streets. The peonies were very late blooming this year, and they have such a short season in bloom that I was afraid we might miss their beauty. Despite different than normal weather conditions the peonies found a way to overcome the stress and grace us with their presence anyways. This week try and take a walk and enjoy the last few days with these resilient flowers. It shares this resilient energy with us when we are near it either touching it or ingesting it. They aren’t bad to look at either.

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