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Naturopathic Medicine is like an ocean. It is a vast network of healing that encompasses the whole person. It looks at a person's mind, body and spirit in order to understand how to best support their well being. From mental health to chronic disease to suffering in any form, Naturopathic Medicine and my own personal passion provides the tools to uncover the root cause of these symptoms and conditions and put together a way to navigate through them. Just as each individual is unique, Naturopathic Medicine offers many different avenues of treatment and support in order to find the way to best hold space for each unique person.

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Meet Alexandra

I am a Naturopathic Doctor passionate about supporting all individuals through times of challenge and suffering. In this world there are many things that don't make sense including our health. My goal is to offer help through these things that we don't understand so that they can make sense in order to create a supportive and healing environment for all people.

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Each of us has the capacity to feel good

As a human being, I am acutely aware that life is not easy. There are challenges every day in many different forms that can leave us feeling mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted, unwell, unsafe and alone. These sensations, feelings, symptoms can be debilitating but they do not mean that we are alone. They do not mean that there is no hope. There is always, HOPE and SUPPORT and SAFETY available. I understand suffering and the toll it can take. If you need it, let me support your mental and physical wellbeing.


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