Ever since I can remember writing has been one of the ways for me to process all that happens inside of my body and brain. It is a way for me to truly make sense of myself and the world around me. In 2019 my first compilation of poems Words are All I have was published.

Words are All I HaveĀ is a compilation of feelings put into words; a way to express the intensity of the human experience and emotions. It is about what it means to be human. Drawing from my own internal struggles with safety and acceptance, it is an own-voices emotion-driven book, capturing sensations and feelings that are both debilitating and uplifting. It works in moments, trying to make sense of the emotions, suffering, heartbreak, and growth that characterize our lives. Touching on love, loss, uncertainty, anxiety, and vulnerability, these poems are meant for anyone who is struggling to understand their place, both on the Earth and in their own body. They are a constant reminder that you are not alone.

For more information you can check out the book HERE or learn more about the publisher HERE.

I hope that the words remind you of what they always remind me, we are all in this together. No matter what you are feeling it is going to be okay.

xo Alexandra